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Are you dreaming of building a Hamptons home which Brisbane residents will be envious of? With a classic breezy look and French doors that lead out to a sunset over the ocean and a cocktail in hand? At KIBA Built we may not always be able to deliver on the beach view, but one thing we can provide you with is a Hamptons-style home in the middle of the city.

Can the Hamptons home Brisbane homeowners want really be created?

Making a Hamptons home Brisbane and Sunshine Coast residents dream of isn’t about buying a luxurious home on the coast of the US to summer every year. Over the last couple of years, Hamptons homes have become less about the price of the property you build or location, and more about the style you choose to incorporate into your home.

With our team at KIBA Built you can recreate that Hamptons home look for a fraction of the price with our custom build plans and a few design touches.

Hamptons Style House Decking Area By KIBA Built
Weatherboard Finished Home By KIBA Built

What are the key factors of the perfect Hamptons-style home?

There are a few key factors to consider when trying to replicate the Hamptons home Brisbane homeowners will die for. These include:

Weatherboard Cladding
Weatherboard cladding is a key feature of the Hamptons homes we see on TV. While cladding of any kind was once something to be avoided, when looking to create a Hamptons home, Brisbane homeowners are returning to white weatherboard cladding for that beachside look.

Light, Airy Spaces
When recreating the Hamptons home, Brisbane residents should focus on light, airy spaces, with lots of room to lounge around. While it’s exactly minimalistic, you shouldn’t overcrowd the space with too much furniture. Open up your home with French doors and big windows to make the most of the space.

The Hamptons homes which Brisbane owners want aren’t too bold with colours, with the focus mainly on white walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Colour can be added with accessories such as pillows, or darker flooring like wood or vinyl.

Hamptons Homes Brisbane Buyers Will Love

Building with a professional construction company like us will give you an edge your friends won’t have when designing their Hamptons-style home.

The Hamptons home Brisbane residents want is one of our specialties.

Get that bay window you’ve always wanted, with crisp white walls and flooring choices to suit the most luxurious looking Hamptons-style on a budget, we have a range of options for the Hamptons home which Brisbane residents will want to live in.

The best part is, we can help keep your project on budget and on time with tips and tricks you might not know when incorporating the Hamptons-style into your existing or new construction.

Kitchen & Dining Area By KIBA Built
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