Building Maintenance

If you’re looking for experts in building repairs and restore and repair construction, you’ve come to the right place in clicking on this page.

What kind of home building and repairs does KIBA Built offer?

In addition to being specialists in custom home builds and home renovations and extensions, we also consider ourselves to be among Brisbane’s best construction repair companies, with a focus on residential building repairs and home maintenance.

Building Repairs
Window Frame Repairs By KIBA Built

What other services do we offer?

When it comes to construction repair companies, we’re a full-service business. Whether it’s home maintenance, home building and repairs or a bigger-scale construction repair, we’re the professionals to choose.

And it’s not all about home maintenance. Alongside our residential building repairs services, we also offer:

  • Contractors for home repairs (for when your home repair job is smaller and needs a little professional assistance)
  • Insurance repair builders
  • Repair and restoration construction work

Can you help if my building or home is older?

Throughout Queensland, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, new construction is on the rise. But there’s also a desire to maintain the state’s architectural heritage.

As such, if you have an older home or building that requires specific repair and maintenance to maintain those unique historical features, we can help with that.

Our repair and restore construction team are equipped to modernise older construction while still maintaining the unique heritage qualities of period buildings throughout the state. And we hope we’re one of the best construction repair companies to do the job!

Timber Home Repairs By KIBA Built

More about the residential building repairs and insurance repair builders we offer.

Sometimes, you need home repair and residential building repairs to be covered by insurance repair builders. As a reputable member of Master Builders Queensland, we can provide you with a team of insurance repair builders that are familiar with insurance guidelines for repair and restore construction, building repairs and a variety of other insurance-covered construction repair jobs.

Our insurance repair builders will work with you to complete residential building repairs that are covered by a number of reputable Queensland insurance companies, with quality workmanship standards that exceed expectations. This means that you are guaranteed that any construction repair work completed by our team will return your building to as good as new, if not better than before.

We want to ensure that you’re as satisfied with our work as we are. That’s why we’re backed by Master Builders Queensland and governed by the regulations they helped initiate when it comes to repair and restore construction work.

Regardless of whether your building repairs or construction repair work is big or small, we consider ourselves to be one of the best – if not the best – construction repair companies the industry has to offer.

So if you need minor construction repair work, home repairs, a qualified team of insurance repair builders or even those skilled in more complex repair and restore construction jobs, we are here to help!

Contact us today for all your building repairs solutions and home maintenance.