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If you’re looking to have some strata work or require body corporate building contractors, KIBA Built is the place for you. In addition to our work on custom home builds and boutique home extensions or renovations, we also offer the ability to hire a team of body corporate building contractors (aka strata building contractors) to complete maintenance work and residential building repairs.

What are body corporate building contractors, and why is it important to hire certified strata building contractors?

This is a question we’re often asked by those seeking to hire professional body corporate building contractors. Can’t any builder or construction worker complete strata building maintenance on a residential building or investment property?

Technically, the answer is yes. Any qualified builder can complete residential building repairs to your home or investment property.

However, when it comes to work completed as part of body corporate renovations and restorations, strata building contractors are required to obtain certain certifications so you, as the client, can be assured that the work they are completing is professional and meets building code requirements that investors and landlords need to adhere to.

That’s why it’s so important to hire strata building contractors when undertaking maintenance on properties you invest in or rent out.

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How do I know strata building contractors are legitimate?

When hiring body corporate contractors that you know will adhere to the strata building contractors regulations, there are a couple of factors you need to consider:

1. QBCC licence and insurance - All body corporate building contractors are required to hold a current QBCC licence and relevant insurances when completing work that is over the value of $3,300 (or $1,100 when it involves hydraulic services design) Strata building contractors should also hold these licences and insurance when completing work that involves drainage, plumbing, gas fitting, chemical termite management, residential inspections, fire protection and building design and site classification

2. Signed contracts - As with any construction or residential repair work, it’s always a good idea to have a signed contract. If your body corporate building contractors won’t sign a contract or agreement for completed work at an investment or residential property, it might be a sign to walk away.

Why hire KIBA Built as your strata building contractors?

With KIBA Built, you can be guaranteed that all our body corporate building contractors have QBCC licences and relevant insurances. By signing a contract with us, we can guarantee that they will show up on time, and complete the required work as governed by Master Builders Queensland.

We take care of all the “back office” work that you don’t want to worry about when looking for body corporate building contractors.

And our strata building contractors are very efficient at the work they do, so we promise that building repairs and home maintenance will be completed as efficiently as possible. This means that you and your residents will have as little disruption as possible when repair work is undertaken.

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